Residents of a retirement home in Mol, Belgium, were not motivated in using the home trainer looking at an empty wall. This gave the manager of the institution the idea to develop some movies they could look at. Residents quickly came up with the request to look at the route they were biking in the past. With some IT partners, and leveraging on google street view, Activ84Health was born: Residents can now bike, looking at the route they used to take in the past. Using a tablet on the home trainer, the biker can decide which direction to take at each crossing.

Some thirty residences are now using this software which can be implemented everywhere streetview is available.

A nice example of how technology can lead to quality of life improvement when triggered bottom-up from users rather than the other way around. Activ84Health was selected in a major social innovation award in Flanders Belgium among 10 finalists out of 322 candidates.