Value proposition canvas is a tool to help designing business models from a client perspective. The ActiveAdice project shared its experience with other AAL project through a hands-on participative workshop in Coimbra.

Value Proposition Canvas during the AAL Forum in Coimbra

Every year, the AAL Forum gathers care providers, professionals involved in the technology sector and interested in ageing, organizations involved in AAL funded projects, investors looking for innovations and decision makers in the fields of health, social issue, technology and innovations to discuss the most current topics in the scope of technological products and services for active and healthy ageing. This year, the Forum took place in the beautiful Portuguese city of Coimbra, where experiences and ideas were exchanged about an important issue: ‘How to bridge the gaps between technology solutions and active ageing. What can YOU do?’.

The main idea under this discussion is that the investments done in technological developments are not being accompanied by its wide adoption by older adults as well as by social care and care providers. Therefore, there is a need to better understand what are the obstacles still hindering the acceptance and adoption of ICT solutions in the ageing field.

The ActiveAdvice consortium shares the same concerns: we aim to provide a meaningful solution matching older adults, caregivers, as well as business and government representatives’ needs. The AAL Forum was a chance to discuss our value proposition for costumers and how can we improve the project in accordance.

Hands-on workshop: finding more about costumers’ needs

AAL Forum participants had the possibility to participate in a workshop on how to use the tool “Value Proposition Canvas” to improve the quality of their business plans or models. Some 25 persons participated in this hands-on workshop.

The starting point for the exercises they went through were ‘personas’, archetypes of potential users of the ActiveAdvice platform, and the ActiveAdvice platform itself: the potential portfolio of services that could be included. Participants worked in 8 small groups of 3-4 participants and learned how to go from the ‘job to be done’ for the specific persona, to defining the services. Not all groups worked at the same speed, but all had fun and great discussions. The key point is that everybody could discover how to work with the tool and implement it on their own projects.

At the ActiveAdvice project we have discovered that this tool can help in fine-tuning the services from the customer point of view. We were positively surprised by the energy in the workshop and got very positive feedback. The work done is also valuable to us, as it challenged our own understanding on how to respond to customer needs.


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The ActiveAdvice project will soon be able to support information and advice gathering about the technology-based solutions which can help improving older adults’ health and quality of life. Stay linked to our blog and subscribe to our newsletter for more information!