The ActiveAdvice project developed personas for different user gruops, showing their various needs and requirements. Pierre belongs to the target group AAL2C - Consumers, i.e. older adults and their relatives.

Pierre, 51, salesman, Belgium


Pierre is 51 years old, living in the Flemish part of Belgium near the Dutch border. He is married to Dorien and they have three children, one girl and two boys, who study in different cities but return home for winter and summer holidays. Pierre has a full-time job as a sales person at a car dealer. He likes his job because he is in a good team and he likes the social contact linked to working in sales. Pierre is a very sportive person and also member in a sports club where he plays tennis twice a week. Moreover, Pierre is still part of the leading team in the soccer club where his son had played until he was 17. His wife is working as a veterinarian and has her own practice at home. The couple regularly goes on short holidays. Pierre’s parents are 81 and 79 years old and still live in the house that they built in the 1970s, in the South of Brussels, 100 km away from Pierre. Pierre is their only son and he has regular contact with them. However, the relationship between Pierre’s wife and his parents is not good and she avoids contact if possible. Therefore, Pierre usually passes by his parents when he is on a business trip and formal visits with the children are maximum 4 times a year or less, especially now that the children are growing up. Pierre’s parents never come to his place.


Pierre is in good health. He was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 27 and is therefore very conscious about his health. He observes with prescribed diet and makes sport regularly. However, Pierre’s parents have some age-related health problems. His father is actually still in good health but has a poor eyesight and his reflexes are slow. Due to this and his difficulty with multi-tasking, Pierre and his mother are concerned that he is still driving the car, but none of them has dared to tell him yet. Pierre’s mother is in good physical health but she shows early signs of cognitive decline which manifests in forgetfulness.

Technology Usage

Pierre is tech-savvy and uses ICT-devices at work and at home. Selling cars, he is always aware of the latest technology in the automotive industry. However, at home he does not have a lot of technological gadgets such as smart home devices. What he has is a smartphone and a computer that he uses to surf the internet and for writing E-Mails. On travels, he uses his smartphone to search for a nice restaurant or to get informed about events taking place at the respective destination.

Fears and Concerns about the Future

Pierre is concerned about is his parent’s condition and the future if their health is declining. He is afraid that his father might have a car-accident and be injured what could be a severe problem in his age. Moreover, Pierre is worried about his mother’s declining cognitive skills and he is not sure if his father can cope with it if her condition deteriorates. But what mostly bothers him is his inability to assist them because he lives too far away. If his parents had a severe problem, he could not be there in time to help them. Actually, it is a one-hour trip but because of the traffic around Antwerp and Brussels he often needs more than two hours. If his parents need more assistance one day, they will need a caregiver. Since Pierre is unable to be an informal caregiver for his parents himself due to the distance, he needs to find a solution to assist without being on-site. Moreover, monitoring will allow him to react him in case of emergency and planning now for the future and adapting his parents’ house in order to make it barrier-free and to equip it with AAL devices to facilitate daily routines. Beside the exchange with friends in similar situations, Pierre can use ActiveAdvice to cope with the challenge which is approaching him.

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