An overview of the AAL market, opportunity areas, challenges and barriers

Technopolis Group prepared a presentation for the Italian Ministry of Health webinar, 08 February 2018, on the topic of 'Digital solutions for ageing well – market perspective’. The webinar was followed by numerous Italian institutions directly eligible for funding by the Italian Ministry of Health (31 out of 50).

The presentation prepared by Technopolis Group contains useful information for researchers and entrepreneurs that are interested in learning more about the opportunities in the AAL market. The AAL market is presented as a growing market that seeks to deliver innovative solutions designed to help both healthy and frail older people live better, independently and enable them to make better health choices. The presentation includes an overview of the AAL market in terms of market size, drivers, customers, challenges, and the key investors and stakeholders.

The presentation also presents a number of opportunity areas for researchers and entrepreneurs interested in developing an AAL solution. For example, it is suggested that there is a gap in the market for solutions that better address the needs of formal and informal care givers, and/or help older people 'remember and connect to an experience.’ The ideas are accompanied by examples of innovative products that are currently being developed or have recently been launched on the market. A more detailed overview of the AAL market will be presented in the Active and Assisted Living Market and Investment Report which will be make publicly available shortly as part of the Technopolis project on the AAL Market Observatory.

‘How to speak to investors?' Based on the organisations’ experience organising the AAL investors events, Technopolis concludes with a quick guide to entrepreneurs and start-ups that seeking venture capital investment.

The presentation slides can be downloaded here.