Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Stress release for caregivers: Taking care of the carer

Between 10 to 25% of Europeans are informally taking care of somebody; and as much as 80% of long-term care is provided by informal...
Soraia Teles

Informal caregivers and ICT: What they want and what they fear?

Across the OECD countries, more than one in ten adults is involved in the informal caregiving of older relatives or friends, and close to...
Sara Alves

Caring For The Caregivers: Tips For Not Forgetting Yourself!

The challenges of caring for someone, particularly for an older adult, can impact the caregiver’s health status. Therefore, when someone is in the position...
Sara Alves

How Are You Doing? The Question All Caregivers Deserve

“I feel tired, very tired and I would need to take some days to rest, but I just can’t” Caregiver, Portugal, 51 years old “I need...

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