Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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AAL Market Observatory

AAL technology: benefits and obstacles

As technology advances, intelligent systems involving artificial components are becoming more and more prevalent within the homes and environments of older adults. The benefits...
Diana Goderich

Would you let a robot take care of you?

Robots have been a part of our life for a long time now. We may not always know when we are or dealing with...
AAL Market Observatory

Magic MiRo: The Autonomous Care Robot

Imagine a care-free home system that allows people the freedom to look after themselves using smart devices. Controlling your own private and intimate issues...

Insights in the Potential of Robotics in the AAL sector

Discovering the Potential of Robots on three main Pillars PotenziAAL is a study conducted by OAIF (Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence) and RAILTEC (Research...

Robots: The Future of Nursing

Robots – Caretakers of the Future With the implementation of new technologies, automated machines have become more affordable and effective. The roots of the automation...

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