Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Paul Schmitter

Alexa, what time are the grandchildren coming by?

Meet Alexa, your friendly personal home assistant. She can be activated with your voice; just say her name - “Alexa” - and ask her a...
Alain Denis

Biking memories: The Activ84Health Project

Residents of a retirement home in Mol, Belgium, were not motivated in using the home trainer looking at an empty wall. This gave the...

Smart Health Assistants – Relief for Relatives

Relatives of Older People Bear a Great Burden Since health and the whole body becomes more and more fragile with increasing age, older people need...

Smart Assistants Recognize Seniors’ Emergencies

Living Alone Can Be Risky for OlderPeople Nowadays, a lot of seniors live alone. Usually, older people prefer to stay in their familiar environment instead...

What is Telehealth and How Can it Benefit You?

How to Define Telehealth and Telemedicine There is no definitive definition for the terms telehealth and telemedicine. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), telemedicine was...

Robots: The Future of Nursing

Robots – Caretakers of the Future With the implementation of new technologies, automated machines have become more affordable and effective. The roots of the automation...

Different Housing Options for Older Adults

Helping Older People Obtain as much Independence as Possible When growing older, most people realize that they cannot do everything themselves anymore. Although being aware...

E-Health Facilitates Mental Health Treatments

How can E-Health Improve Treatment of Mental Health Issues? E-health is short for electronic health and describes treatments of patients with the use of Information...

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