Saturday, September 22, 2018
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AAL Market Observatory

Centrica Active Ageing Global Challenge

Centrica is an energy and services company investing in new technology and ideas that will transform the way we live, work and move. Centrica...
AAL Market Observatory

Mediterranean Tower Ventures: An investors’ perspective on the AAL market

Technopolis attended the recent business convention AgeingFit in Nice, France where tech companies, investors, hospitals, care homes, health insurance providers and policy makers met...
AAL Market Observatory

Second Active & Assisted Living Investors’ Event

The Active and Assisted Living Programme held its second Investors’ Event in the framework of its AAL Market Observatory initiative. Seven dynamic young companies...
AAL Market Observatory

Activate your health!

Activ84Health (pronounced: Activate-for-health) is making waves in the markets of assisted living technology. Winning the Active and Assisted (AAL) Living Programme’s 2016 Smart Ageing...
AAL Market Observatory

First Active & Assisted Living Investors’ Event

The first Active & Assisted Living Market Observatory Investors’ Event was organised alongside the first European Summit of Ageing 2.0 in cooperation with Happy...

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